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Data-Breach Coverage….Do you need it? How much?

An actual Data-Breach case…The Missing Laptop…

An employee at a small accounting firm took home her office laptop to do some work over the weekend. But an ill-fated stop at the mall left her with a broken car window, a stolen laptop and exposed more than 120,000 people’s personal records. Her firm had been helping several large hospitals with their audits, and their patients’ protected health information (PHI, which includes prescriptions, procedures and diagnostic codes) was now a password away from the thieves. IDT911’s DataRiskStages service, available to the firm through insurance, was able to assess the stolen computer’s level of protection, and advise the firm on how to notify each hospital—and then each patient. With IDT911 handling the breach, the firm was able to stay in business.

These types of situations happen to the best of us.  Use the calculator below to determine your data -breach exposure and call Gem Agency Inc for a quote today!